Skins is ergonomically designed to be played comfortably on a stand, a desktop or between the knees. The internal sound module relies on a rewired and reprogrammed Roland TD-7; providing polyphonic, multi timbral arrangements of the 512 internal sounds.Lightweight and programmable, Skins is a practical performance instrument as well as a versatile studio tool.


playing surface: 8 velocity sensitive sensors are concealed under the rubber foam surface and inside the nipples to emulate accoustic drums sound generation and encourage intuitive playing to develop new techniques.The velocity (pressure) can be assigned to volume, decay or pitch of the sound or can trigger switching / mixing between 2 waveforms.

The top pad's sound can be changed using the selection switches.





interface: Modulation thumbwheel,volume control, scroll up, scroll down, power switch, LCD screen,sequencing LED.

The modulation thumbwheel can be assigned to one or all the surfaces to dynamically control pitch or decay of the selected sounds.



plug-in programmer: Used in a studio environment or at home for editing the internal sounds, assigning the sounds/ melodic sequences/ MIDI messages to each playing surface and creating sets of sounds that can be easily recalled through the interface during a performance.



MIDI in: To control the internal sounds and record melodic sequences from a keyboard.

MIDI out: To allow Skins to trigger external sound modules, samplers and other compatible hardware.

line out + headphones: plugs straight into a mixing desk or PA.

Programer port.

12V external power supply .



sequencing pedal: To make sequences in real time: click once to start recording, play a rhythmic sequence with the pads, click again to immediately loop the sequence. Subsequent layers can be added by repeating the procedure. Perfect for playing rhythm and solo parts simultaneously.

Stand attachement.





Knee supports.

size: L35cm x W 27cm x H27cm.