Skins' internal sounds are produced using a Roland TD-7 sound module. The CD quality audio output can be used straight into a mixing desk/ PA for recording or performance. Skins comes with 512 sounds sampled from accoustic instruments and classic analogue and digital machines. Included: 158 accoustic drum kit sounds (kicks/ snares/ toms/ cymbals), 132 accoustic percussion instruments (latin, african, asian, orchestral), 136 electronic sounds (electronica, old school analogue, and gliding sounds), 39 heavy effects and 21 bass sounds. The pads can also be used as a versatile MIDI controller to trigger external samplers, sound modules, synthesisers...


512 editable sounds (2 waveforms, pitch, decay, nuance, panning, brilliance, attack damp, velocity, dynamic pitch bend, volume, assign type).

256 basic waveforms.

14 voice polyphony.

4 part multitimbral (1 part[MIDI channel] for percussion sounds, 3 parts[ MIDI channels] for melodic sequences).

24 patterns for melodic sequences (up to 16 measures each).

32 editable sets of sounds.

8 chains of (up to 16 ) sets for easy recall during performance.

4 effects (reverb/ delay, chorus/ flanger; 2 can be used simultaneously on individual sounds).

MIDI bulk dump to back up sets and load new programs.

download tracks:

The tracks are recorded straight from Skins' output with internal effects and real time sequencing using the pedal.

Track1: indian percussion sounds 40sec/Quicktime/300Kb

Track2: electro loops build up.. 40sec/Quicktime/300Kb.

Track3: congas, cymbals + melodic sequences. 40sec/Quicktime/300Kb