Designed/ built by Pointless Creations - Glasgow.

Designed in 2000 from an old reel-to-reel case and a cannibalised keyboard as a MIDI controller for ArkaosVJ ( aka X<>POSE ), the Video Switchboard has been used over a 100 times in clubs, theatres and fields.
The matrix of (locking!) switches and buttons provides an alternative to piano-style keyboards with tactile feedback (on/off switch) and an easily memorisable 2D layout. It is typically good for those who use VJ software with large numbers of video loops that you might want to hold and unload smoothly.

Because the Switches/buttons arrangement replicates the order of the piano keys (1 octave= 1line of 7 switches [whites keys] + 1 line of red buttons [black keys], lower octave at the bottom - see MIDI note table), the Video Switchboard suits well other music apps (Ableton, Reason) that feature MIDI notes for live sequencing.

We have recently (Dec 2004) refurbished the machine with the following improvements compared with the old switchboard:
-MIDI faders built in
-bigger LCD monitor
-signal and power hard-wired
-tiltable frame for better ergonomic whilst performing standing up
-lightweight flight case with extra equipment space
Total cost of parts: about £300

There is no plan to build or sell other similar instruments.
Happy DIY.
example of visuals performed with this machine at:
earlier MIDI instruments projects:
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Solid and tactile interface, designed for sitting or standing operation.

-MIDI trigger matrix
-MIDI sliders
-4x4 video signal router
-LCD monitor



Based on a re-designed 3-octave keyboard.

-21 lockable switches (white keys)
-15 trigger buttons (black keys)
-octave up/down shift
-modulation wheel

video demo:
The Switchboard is used to trigger Sound (Ableton Live) and Video (Arkaos VJ) simultaneously.



Assigneable precision long-throw faders.



4 composite inputs/outputs for easy connection of multiple sources to display units.



5.5 inch display to monitor the signals via the router.

  Lightweight protective case with tilt panel, 9V desklight, hard-wired power supply and distribution and storage space for cables/ video equipment, etc...
Fast setup time (under 3 min).
set up demo (quicktime 3.7Mb)