"keeping it pointless since 1998"


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email: info@pointlesscreations.co.uk  
Past Pointless missions:  
Action painting and AV performance  
Glastonbury 2008 report  
Death Disco club residency 2005-2009  
Video Banners project  
Bassline Circus' Advertigo 2007 Tour report    
    Audio-Visual live set
Pixelazo + Bogotrax 2007 festivals report    
Pointless feature in D-Fuse's VJ BOOK    
Belfast 2006 NoiseFest report    
Creme De Menthe album tour    
ArKade: 100 downloadable VJ loops release
PixelACHE 2005 festival report
New Video Switchboard design.
Machinista DVD release- free download
Machinista Glasgow 2004 festival report
audiovisual lounge at The Chateau    
Break2.2 festival report    
Machinista festival 2003 report